One of my hobbies is photography, although I am by no means an avid or serious photographer. I mostly take pictures when I travel, and afterwards select the ones I like best. Below is some of my work.

Kees’ Photo Gallery

From 1995 to 1999 I kept a website with pictures from trips to North America, South America and Turkey. This was in the days when internet access — for regular people like me — was based on a 28.8 kbps (28,800 bits per second) telephone modem and the typical monitor resolution was 640 x 480 pixels, perhaps 1024 x 768 if you had the latest and greatest. In comparison, these days we get annoyed if our connection speed is less than a million bits per second, while the screen resolution of a typical smartphone far exceeds that of desktop monitors back then. The website was ‘hard-coded’ in HTML, and the size of all pictures was 250 x 165 — both to allow fast downloads and to fit several on a screen.

The website had an email contact link, through which I received numerous great responses from around the world. There was one gentleman who said that the website was stupid and I had no clue what the internet was about – what on Earth was I thinking, using it to share photos?! He did probably not end up founding Flickr, Instagram or some other modern photo sharing site; but who knows.

The original Kees’ Photo Gallery, with only very minor modifications, can be found here.

(More to come)